The documentary film Requiem for Williamsburg is a hundred procent independent film production. To bring this story alive, we’re depending on your generous contribution. Your donation, however big or small, helps us to tell this remarkable story.

Crowdfunding through VoordeKunst – successful
We raised the money to hire a cameraman which means we’re shooting the documentary this fall: December 1st through 15th. Yay!

To actually finish the movie, we’re currently fund raising for:
Color correction   $    2,000,-
Audio correction  $    2,000.-
Subtitles             $    2,000.-
Edit                    $    7,000.-

Total                  $ 13,000,-

If you want to contribute, send your donation through Paypall in USD or euro’s. Please mention what you would like to support. You’ll receive a confirmation of your donation within 24 hours.


Thank you for your support! It means the world to us.